Christmas cards

Christmas cards

31 Mar 2022

So the last few weeks since my first (very late) blog have flown by. 

I have been preparing for and completed a solo exhibition at Talkin Tarn, finalised some designs to be included in my latest batch of cards including some Christmas cards for the first time and now have them back! and am now approaching the 7th week of a new course continuing to draw. 


I think for this blog I will concentrate on my latest cards, in particular those I have done for Christmas. As I have been really busy of late I decided that rather than doing some drawings from scratch I would see what kinds of things I could do with some of my existing drawings to give them a Christmas Twist. 

So what I did was get some Giclee prints done of a few of my designs, I went for Glen, Tufts, All Ears and Young master Todd. Next I thought about how I could make them Christmassy! 

Firstly I coloured the animals themselves in to give them a warmer look, I used Derwent coloursoft pencils and built up layers of colour. Then I decided on a Christmas twist for each. I think Glen (the stag) is possibly my favourite and was very simple! The antlers just cried out for a bauble - so I did a couple of practices and then popped it on there. 

I think Tufts is possibly my next favourite and definitely took the longest, he is also the most subtle. I coloured the background in solidly in a mixture of greens and browns to look like woodland, whilst also adding snow to his branch. Next I used and electric rubber to create snowflakes in the background and give it a wintery feel.

I think the colour on Young master Todd increased his cuteness and I added a sprig of mistletoe in ink pen and then coloured it in too.

Last but not least is all ears to whom I added some holly, again I did this firstly in ink and then coloured. 

And then Tah Dah! Here they are the designs as finished cards which are now available from me and my website!