An Artist’s Introduction

I have always enjoyed drawing. From as long ago as I can remember I was always doodling and drawing. 


I think it was because I worked out that I could bring my ideas to life with just a pencil or pen and a piece of paper.


The beauty of art is that it allows you to breathe life into an idea from your imagination or embellish or refine what is already there to create something that is unique.


image1 (5).jpg

After studying Art through to A - Level at school I completed a BTEC foundation course at Cumbria College of Art & Design in Carlisle.


After this I then went on to complete a Design Studies Degree down in Wolverhampton. 


After this my art career stalled somewhat and I worked in several different jobs including in Block Buster videos - when DVD’s were just coming out! As a security guard and then in life insurance. 


I always kept on doing my artwork though in the background - lots of pet commissions. 


In 2006 we moved back down to Carlisle and I started working at an Estate Agency I continued doing bits of drawing here and there and continued to feel like something was missing. 


In December 2013 I began working on some originals besides my commissions and started to sell in a couple of local galleries.


Since this I have had my work in multiple galleries in Cumbria and taken part in many exhibitions both solo and as part of various groups. I am currently a Derwent Ambassador and enjoyed having several solo exhibitions at the Pencil Museum.



We have recently completed our forever home, a beautiful - (if I do say so myself!) barn conversion North of Carlisle and after having been working hard on that I am now able to immerse myself back into my art. 


I hope you enjoy looking at the work I have done, all of my printing and framing is done locally less than 10 miles away, my cards are produced in Nottingham but I source my envelopes from a local firm in Warwick Bridge, my coasters and cushions are produced in Manchester by Wraptious. 

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